How To Make An Useful E Shop Website

One of the most significant parts of Internet marketing which every Internet saler has to know is that once you have got your web shop upon the Internet and running, your work is not done.
People need to be told that your goods are up on the web, and mortgage brokers edmonton all they have to do is visit, browse, choose, pay, and accept their goods. This can only be done by making sure that once you have build your website, using an valuable e-commerce solution or shopping cart program, you follow up with an hostile marketing campaign. An Internet business doesn’t happen to be a 9-to-5 job. It happens to be 24 x 7 x 52, you need to be commetted, answering questions on and offline, making sure that the goods has been sent to the buyer, asking for criticism, and replying to the feedback – all in reasonable time – make the clients of your ecommerce web shop feel you are focused on them as individuals and not just orders.

Once you’ve made sure that your online shop is in the marketplace, get edmonton mortgage brokers family, friends and acquaintances to visit. Listen to their criticism. All criticism is useful both negative and positive, it is all constructive. The comments will come from different perspectives, utilize these people they are your greatest assets!

Graphics look great but they can slow the site down – keep them clean and simple, cut out the audio unless it’s absolutely necessary to the product. Search Engine Submission, Optimization and Management are becoming more critical with the exponential increase in web shops. You also have to make sure that the e-commerce solution that you have chosen has an efficient Web hosting program attached to it.

All right, you spend plenty of cash getting the best website design, and you put all your products in the design to your own satisfaction. The e-commerce solution that you used to start up your shop came highly recommended edmonton mortgage and you utilized it. But whenever you click upon your webpage hoping to open it what you get is “server down.” That happens to be one of the most frustrating parts of buying online – this needs to be overcome! Look for a hosting service which provides high levels of uptime and responsive customer (You!) services.

Top 6 Things Not To Do With Angry Customers

1. Don’t make threats. Have you ever said this, “If you don’t calm down, I’m not going to help you.” Or, “If you continue to yell at me, I’m going to have no choice but to terminate this phone call.” If you’ve calgary insurance broker ever made these, or similar, statements, I’d bet that your sole intent was to regain control of the conversation. But the problem is, your customer perceives this type of language as threatening and it does not make them back down and it does not create calm. Try a phrase like this instead: “I really want to help you, but your tone/language is making it really hard for me to do that.” And then pause for 2-3 seconds to let your words resonate with the customer.

2. Don’t argue. Trust me on this one – you can never win an argument with a customer. Certainly, you can prove your point and even have the last word, In a discussion on the futility of arguing with people, Dale Carnegie once said “you may be right, but as far as changing your customer’s mind is concerned, you will probably be just as futile as if you were life insurance wrong.” Your goal in complaint situations is to retain the customer, not to be right. If you win the argument, you may very well have lost the customer. Carnegie encourages us to carefully consider some hard questions before going to battle with customers: “Is my reaction one that will relieve the problem, or will it just relieve frustration? Will my reaction drive my customer further away? What price will I pay if I win (the argument)?” Carnegie advises, “The only way to get the best of an argument is to avoid it.” By the way, customers will spread negative word-of-mouth advertising to 50 people if they get into argument with you!

3. Don’t hang up on the customer. I realize I sound conservative on this one, but I stand firm. If you hang up on a customer who is already livid, do you think a “disconnect” helps the situation or hurts the situation? The customer still has the problem and most customers won’t give up their fight because you chose to hit the flash button. Most will call back and guess what? They will be angrier than ever AND it will cost far more in time and money to resolve the issue. If you just can’t handle the customer, offer to transfer to a supervisor or co-worker.

4. Don’t make the customer feel helpless. I cringe every time I hear an employee say, “This is all I can do.” When customers feel helpless, some will resort to whatever they feel it takes to get their needs met. This behavior may include yelling, demanding to speak to a supervisor, or starting a blog about your company. This simple phrase changes the entire tone of a tough situation: “Mr. Bryant, what I can do is?”

5. Don’t raise your voice. When I want my five-year-old daughter to use her “inside voice”, I don’t yell, “Lauren, USE YOUR INSIDE VOICE!” I speak in my “inside voice” with the expectation that she will mirror the calm tone of my voice – and she does without any further prompting from me. We must use the same technique with demanding customers. Escalating your voice when dealing with an upset customer will not create calm. It will only incite your customer. Lowering your voice presents you as confident, in control, and credible. In many cases your angry customer will begin to calm down because he realizes his intimidation tactic (yelling) isn’t working. Try making one of these statements in a low volume when dealing with an angry customer. “What can I do to help?” or “What can I do to fix this situation?”

6. Don’t tell a customer she is wrong. You will be smart to never tell a customer s/he is wrong or mistaken. Telling a person they are wrong arouses opposition and will make the customer want to battle with you. (Ever tell your spouse they are wrong?) It’s difficult, under even the most benign conditions to change people’s minds. So why make it harder by starting out on the wrong foot? If you know your customer is wrong, it’s better to start off saying, “I thought the contract read otherwise, but let’s take a look.”

The next time you find yourself the target of verbal abuse from an angry customer, keep in mind these six “don’ts” and you’ll be well on your way to getting the angry customer to back down and regaining control of the conversation.

10 reasons why you should outsource to telemarketing agency Berkshire

10 reasons why you should outsource to telemarketing agency Berkshire

Telemarketing is an important and integral marketing scheme followed by most corporations around the world. But, almost 70% of these companies outsource their telemarketing needs to insurance calgary external companies. Here are 10 reasons which explain why outsourcing your needs to Perfect Pitch for your telemarketing Berkshire needs is actually a great move. Experience If you employ new hires into the telemarketing arena, their inexperience will prove costly. New hires without experience will eventually lose their cool on the phone with customers and this will impact the sales quotient.

Environment Telemarketers need a suitable environment in which they can sell and convince the customers on the phone. If you have your telemarketing division inside your own office, it will subconsciously insurance broker calgary affect your marketers and limit their selling capability.

Data Leads Let us assume that you have a good office environment and you have hired some best people. Now, how you will you get the customer data? An established telemarketing agency will have great data supply and they will convince target customers for you.

Better than temporary workers If you think establishing your telemarketing division with temporary hires is a cheap option, you obviously don’t know the full story. Temporary hires might be cheap to hire but they are severely inexperienced, don’t know or care about your product and are always looking for better opportunities.

Canvassing ability It is easy to talk to people who are interested in what you offer. But, only an experienced telemarketer will be able to convince people who are not even remotely excited about your product. And, this brings in an exceedingly surprising amount of revenue.

Flexibility Your office staff are used to the 9-5 routine. Will they put in extra hours at odd timings to convince and market your products if you transfer them to the telemarketing department? Probably calgary insurance no. This is why you should go for a professional telemarketing agency. Cost When you see things from a larger scheme, the process of outsourcing your telemarketing needs is actually lot cheaper than other alternatives.

Infrastructure You need cabins, phones, catalogues and a separate room if you want to establish your own telemarketing division in your company. But, if you outsource, all these will be taken care off by the external third-party.

Efficiency It is not just about talking and convincing people. It is about efficiency and better conversion rates which telemarketing agencies offer you better than any other alternative in this field.

Creating Customer Delight

4 Tips
Beyond customer service, which all successful business leaders measure, this top producer measures customer delight. You can too, with these 4 tips.
Many successful financial advisors measure customer service, with traditional measures such as process time, customer satisfaction, or portfolio increases.
If that’s all you are doing, then mortgage broker calgary your practice is falling short.
One of the metrics at Bank of America is customer delight, yet Wachovia currently scores higher. Customer delight is measured throughout service industries, from hospital care to fine restaurants to sales experiences. So, how do you create customer delight for your clients?
Meet William. William has been a financial advisor for 4 years, in a fee-based business with $30 million in assets under management and an average monthly gross of $10,000. His business is representative of thousands of advisors. However, his customer delight practices make him unique. Virtually all of his clients are attorneys at big law firms in Charlotte. He describes them as “highly educated people. Most were at the top of their class, all of them are very busy, and all are charging at least $300/hour rates.”
Here are 4 of his tips:
1. Take All the Time in the World. Once he has the client’s balance sheet, William prepares no more than 2 or 3 investment choices. During the client review meeting, his goal is to give the impression that he always has ALL THE TIME IN THE WORLD for that client. He repeats that phrase. Then he makes his one recommendation based on their long term needs. He never talks about other time constraints or other clients. He says, “My closing ratio is about 99%”
2. Reward the Best. After the review meetings William rewards his best customers. He hand delivers Teddy Bears on Valentines Day. Can you imagine anyone bustling through elevators and receptionists in a blustery February in Charlotte, burdened with dozens of teddy bears? He sends Amazon gift certificates on birthdays. He rewards colleagues and clients who send him referrals.
3. Mean it when you say, “No Problem.” When William hears, “You want to meet at 7:30 a.m. in your office uptown?” His reply must be, “No problem!” When he hears, “You need to re-schedule again?” His reply must be, “No problem!” We will all face rejection and disappointments. Those with a Silver Platter Service vision like William respond differently. They respond like winners.
4. Focus on the Numbers. William loves to read trade journals like Financial calgary mortgage broker Analyst, because they are academically focused, and less biased than “other marketing information disseminated by our industry.” His focus is on the returns described by CFAs who run mutual funds. He loves to analyze possible returns for his clients. Then, he loves to distill that knowledge, the actual numbers, into simple advice to his clients.
One final story summarizes William’s ability to provide customer delight. One of his clients, Paul, has used William for several investments, including life and disability insurance, college funding, mortgage financing, and long term investments. Paul said, “William, over the past 3 years you have helped me with all of my investment needs. You’re my guy!”
Then Paul emailed a hot stock pick that he thought William would be interested in. The bottom line: Paul doesn’t know William’s interests at all!
William dismissed the stock pick with a smile. He said, “He doesn’t need to know that my interests are long term yields. He just needs to know that I’m his financial guy!”
My coaching question for you in your business is: What are you doing to create customer delight?

Does Your Web Hosting Provider Take Backups Of Your Data?

Does Your Web Hosting Provider Take Backups Of Your Data?

While most web hosting providers clearly mention that data backups of the hosting account is the responsibility of the client, some providers prefer to keep mum about backups, until a disaster strikes. When mortgage brokers calgary you subscribe to a web hosting account, you are primarily paying only for the space used for hosting your primary email, files and databases. You are not paying for any additional space or backups or copies of your data, unless you have taken a hosting plan with backups specifically included. This article attempts to clarify the confusion on whether or not your website and data is being backed up at the hosting providers end or if it is your responsibility.

Paid Services

Taking backups is an expensive affair, especially if you want the backups to be reliable and retrievable when you need them the most i.e. at the time of a disaster. Most hosting providers do NOT take backups for or on behalf of the customers. This means that they maybe regularly taking backups for their own safety or for migrating the data to a new server or just as a courtesy gesture, but these backups will NOT be shared with the client even upon request or upon payment of some fees. This is usually due to the fact that these backups are taken as a single snapshot of the server and can be restored as one part only. These backups cannot be restored account wise or user wise.

If you do want to be able to restore your account at calgary mortgage brokers will and at your own convenience, you should subscribe to a paid backup service which allows you to do that. The paid backup service is usually about a half or quarter the cost of your entire web hosting account, depending on the number of backups and the size of backups which you wish to keep. Keeping compressed backups in .zip form may reduce the space usage, but will increase the time of the backup to be completed.

Version Control

If you do not want to backup and restore the whole website, you can calgary mortgage backup micro changes to the website or files, by using version control or revision history tools. These will backup your data in an incremental manner, as and when data is being added or removed. These version control systems will also allow you to go back to a certain date and time or to a certain change that you had made and allow you to restore the account or files, to the same state that they were in at that time. Programmers and software professional often use these tools to secure their code and help them deal with a large number of changes to the files that they may be working on collaboratively.

Remote Location Backups and Same Directory Backups

Many hosting providers schedule backups which are copied in the user’s home directory itself. This means that the backup file is stored in a particular directory in your hosting account itself. This is of little use, especially when you want to restore the backup, because it is most likely that when you want to restore the backup, it will be due to your primary account being unavailable, damaged, destroyed or corrupt, which will also contain the backup file. Hence it is recommended to take backup files to a remote location and store it remotely for safety. This way, if your primary server is affected by a natural calamity and your files are not retrievable, then you always have access to that other backup which was in another location. The chances of both backups being unavailable or destroyed is very rare.

Whether your budget permits you to buy special hosting space for a backup or whether you are taking backups on your own, remember that you can never have too many backups. Regularly backing up your data will ensure that you will not regret a disaster.

Software Programs Every Laptop Should Have

We know that laptop computers are portable, convenient, and very necessary in today’s fast-paced world. A laptop gives its owner a renewed sense of freedom and capability. With a strong wireless Internet connection, business mortgage broker edmonton may be conducted from anywhere in the world. Cubicle walls expand to reveal wide open spaces, where people may communicate, shop, and accomplishment countless tasks.

Choosing the right laptop to suit your needs may take time and research, but one thing is for certain: all laptop owners should have the basic programs installed to get through daily life and work. Whether you are a writer, a computer programmer, a businessman, or work at home, these four programs are irreplaceable and versatile. Each should have a shortcut icon right on your startup screen.

Let’s take a look at what you need:

Word Processing Program

You don’t have to be a student to need a good word processing program. Can you think of a day where you haven’t written anything? Even for a one-page note, it is hand to have a word processing program installed to suit your needs.

These days, many computers come equipped with such edmonton mortgage broker software, though what is included may not necessarily meet your requirements. While all programs allow you to type, save, edit and print with ease, some programs go the extra mile and allow you to enhance presentations with embedded imagery, video, and font manipulation. Microsoft Word, as part of the Office Suite, lets you these things and more. A simpler program will limit the boundaries.

As you shop for your next laptop, consider what word processing packages are included, and determine if you need an upgrade.

Accounting Software Whether you use the laptop primarily for business or household purposes, a good accounting program can serve as a solid backup for your traditional system of bookkeeping. Using accounting software to keep track of your income, bills and other expenditures is a good way to maintain organized focus throughout the year. You condition yourself to keep better track of your finances, and should you lose any paper you have that backup to consult onscreen.

Quickbooks is one example of such a program, and offers various features for whatever organizational purposes you seek. If the laptop you buy does not include accounting software, consider looking for some.

Electronic Book/Document Reader Electronic book, or e-book, technology has grown by leaps and bounds over the past few years. With the Gutenburg project, students and other avid readers have access to thousands of classic and academic texts, and third-party retailers like Fictionwise and offer instant downloads of electronic novels for sale. With a laptop, you can shop for a book, purchase and download, and read it instantly. You don’t even have to be in a bookstore!

That said, with certain e-book formats you will need specific readers. A PDF document will not open in a word processing program, and an e-book formatted for the Microsoft Reader will not open in Adobe Reader. Therefore, it is wise to keep such programs on hand in the event you need or want to read a book from your screen. The best thing about such programs is that they are offered for free by their respective companies. A quick Internet search will lead you in the right direction.

Security Software No laptop is complete without a strong security program. As viruses and spyware become more prevalent and more sophisticated, the need to protect your computer is very important. Especially if you are a frequent user, you would be best suited to a program that offers anti-virus, anti-spyware and firewall capabilities. Options to filter junk mail and prevent annoying pop-up advertisements is also a plus.

Not every computer system will offer such protection, so be sure to consult with a sales person before buying. Make sure your security programs are updated often to combat new issues.

From composing mail to battling SPAM, your laptop should be ready to do everything you need. Take care when shopping and don’t forget these essentials when you are ready to work.

Choosing A Strapless Backless Push Up Bra

Strapless Backless Push Up bras

Since way before the days of Raquel welch, women have been trying to select the right type of backless/strapless push up bra to enhance their cleavage. Whether you are looking to make your small breasts appear to have more cleavage, or you want to make your large breasts provide a more shapely and natural cleavage, choosing the right backless/strapless push up bra can help. Read on to learn more.

backless/strapless push up bras work to lift breasts and make them appear larger, thanks to some unique technology built into the Push up cups. Most backless/strapless push up bras are padded with a small, pillow-like insert that pushes the breasts up and adds extra cleavage. Some backless/strapless push up bras are padded with silicone inserts or water sacks to mimic the look and feel of natural breasts. Moreover, backless/strapless push up bras add support to the bottom of the breasts, thereby lifting them up higher.

Wearing a backless/strapless push up bra with confidence takes guts and the right fit. When shopping for a backless/strapless push up bra take into account when and where you’ll be wearing the backless/strapless push up bra. Finding a backless/strapless push up bra that suits you for everyday use will be different from a backless/strapless push up bra that works for a night in Las Vegas, so shop with this in mind.

backless/strapless push up bras work to lift breasts and make them appear larger, thanks to some unique technology built into the backless/strapless push up bra. Most backless/strapless push up bras are padded with a small, pillow-like insert that pushes the breasts up and adds extra cleavage. Some backless/strapless push up bras are padded with silicone inserts or water sacks to mimic the look and feel of natural breasts. Moreover, backless/strapless push up bras contain metallic or plastic underwiring which add support to the bottom of the breasts, thereby lifting them up higher.

Consider some of the newer types of backless/strapless push up bras to enhance your cleavage. These backless/strapless push up bras may include padding that contains air, gel or water in order to present a more natural look, while at the same time offering the type of support that will lift and squeeze your breasts.

When shopping for a backless/strapless push up bra, it is imperative that you know your exact measurements. Using a tape measure, measure under your armpits and over the fullest part of your bust. Then measure directly below the breasts at the rib cage. Take the measure of your rib cage and subtract it from the measure on your bust (i.e. subtract the second number from the first). The difference in the measurements is used to find your backless/strapless push up bra cup size. For example, if the difference is one inch, your backless/strapless push up bra cup size is A; if the difference is two inches, your backless/strapless push up bra cup size is B and so forth. Thus, the measure around your bust plus your cup size is your actual backless/strapless push up bra size. For example, if you measured 34 inches around your bust and your cup size is B, your backless/strapless push up bra size is 34B. Wearing a well fitting backless/strapless push up bra is ideal to overall comfort.

Look for a backless/strapless push up bra that squeezes and pushes your breasts together in order to enhance your cleavage. You can usually identify these backless/strapless push up bras by the extra padding that can be found underneath and along the sides of the cups, along the cut-off line. For larger-breasted women, more support may be found along the cut-off line in the form of wiring.

Find a backless/strapless push up bra that not only enhances your cleavage, but is also comfortable to wear over long periods of time. Using a backless/strapless push up bra that may pinch or constrict the circulation of blood in your breasts may cause them to appear splotchy, red or even unnaturally pale. While a tighter backless/strapless push up bra will definitely enhance cleavage, too tight of a backless/strapless push up bra will have a less-desired effect

Couple your new backless/strapless push up bra with a tight-fitting top, or one with a plunging neckline, in order to show off your newly enhanced cleavage. It might even be a good idea to bring some of your tops with you to the lingerie store so that you can make sure that you’re not exposing too much of the backless/strapless push up bra.

Use silicone inserts or padding in your bra in order to enhance cleavage. Using a backless/strapless push up bra that is too big will cause your breasts to appear even smaller than they are. Silicone inserts will fill out the parts of the bra cup that do not conform to your breasts, thereby lifting up your breasts and increasing cleavage.

How to Deal with Angry Customers

By The Pioneer of Subliminal Messages Online.
You can’t please everybody—even your customers. There will be times when your ears will be burning from a lot of nasty phone calls from irate customers. However, these situations should not dampen your spirit. In fact, you should consider them an opportunity to showcase your excellent customer service. You can definitely rise above the disappointments and frustrations.
Here are some things you can do to better manage your angry customers:
1. Know that it’s not really you. You may definitely hear customers cursing at you for such a bad service, but you should know that deep down they are more frustrated on the system or the product or service they received. Simply put, they are not angry at you. That should be already enough to calm you down and learn to understand their predicament.
2. Listen intently. Your customers should be treated like friends—that is, if one of your friends feels sad or disappointed over something, you give him or her your listening ear. You should listen very closely to everything your customer is saying. If it helps you remember, you should take down some notes.
3. Never interrupt. You really don’t want people to cut you off when you’re talking, do you? This is especially true if you want to express everything that you’re feeling. If the customer starts to talk, just listen and never interrupt. Occasionally you can say “Okay” just to let him or her know that you’re still on the other line.
4. Breathe in and out. If you feel your blood boiling and the claims are getting into your nerves, take very deep breaths. You can bring the receiver a little farther from your mouth and nose to avoid being detected. You can also do this after the customer has finished talking.
By breathing, you take a momentary pause and prevent yourself from saying something you will regret very soon. It will also relax your nerves, making your head much cooler and yourself calmer.
5. Be knowledgeable. Most of these customers don’t just call to vent out. They also want solutions done to their problems. To be of great help, you should be knowledgeable on what you’re doing. Study several training materials. Learn more online.
6. Don’t pretend. Don’t lengthen their agony. If you feel they have talked to the wrong person or you cannot solve the case on your own, transfer him or her to someone who can help the customer the most.
7. Utilize some subliminal messages. How can subliminal messages be helpful to you in dealing with angry customers? The subliminal messages can help ease your mind. They can also change the way you see things. Subliminal messages such as “I value my relationship with my customers” or “I have the ability to provide quality service” can definitely inspire and motivate you to do the best you can to help out and not get affected by other people’s frustrations and anger. You can recite the subliminal messages before reporting to work or during breaks.

***Grocery Shopping, Weekday Evenings and Other Family Hazards (Discipline with

***Grocery Shopping, Weekday Evenings and Other Family Hazards (Discipline with the Brain in Mind)

The best place to observe the wide range of parental discipline styles is any grocery store between the evening hours of four and seven. Here you will hear one mother screaming at her whining toddler, one father threatening to withdraw a privilege from his nine-year old who is not paying the least bit of attention to what his father is requesting or requiring, another mother bribing her children with treats and sweets if her children will only cooperate so they can finish their task quickly, and finally another father grabbing his pre-teen by the jacket as he walks/drags his son out of the store.
Do you want to improve your family life and discipline methods, even when faced with every day family hazards? Try implementing these two strategies based on how the brain works and yours and your child’s biology.
1. Eat, drink and breathe deeply
The second worse time of the day for every family is in the evening, when all are transitioning and switching gears from the busy day into the evening time. For most people, children and parents alike, this is physiologically when the body is tired, needing more energy through nourishment and oxygen. Too often parents choose this time to run needed errands including grocery shopping. But neither children nor adults have the necessary physiological stamina to handle this seemingly mundane task.
What’s the solution? Before you go to the store, eat a snack, sing a song and dance a jig. Fear you would feel foolish engaging in such silly or childish behavior? Then drink a cup of herbal tea while your children drink a glass of milk and you all enjoy some raisins and peanuts. Then do ten jumping jacks or play tag or musical chairs. If this doesn’t sound like it fits your style either, then make up your own ritual. Just be sure that you include drinking and eating a modest amount of nourishing food (over indulging on sugar will only contribute to the physiological drag) and engage in a moderate amount of deep breathing. With children, the best way to get them to breathe deeply is by playing an active game for a short time. They will gladly participate! And if you can just lighten up a little and play a game, you not only will improve your oxygen level, you will also inspire a lighter spirit.
Now you and your children are ready to face the challenge known as shopping for groceries.
2. Choose an open position for growth and learning
What you do and say will either put your child in an open position for learning and growth, or protection. New research of the human cell has revealed that a cell can only be in one of two positions; protection or growth. Biologically, we are a binary system, with the choice of either protection or growth. And since the brain is a system of cooperative cells, the brain is then only in a position of protection or growth.
Have you ever wondered why you must continually make the same kind of correction for your child’s repeated misbehavior? Are you tired of threatening or punishing your child, only to discover that you must repeat the same process many, many times? The reason is that you are using strategies that put your child into protection rather than asking your child to grow and learn. Your child perceives your scold, threat or punishment as something he must protect himself against. He is not in the frame of mind to be open to learn and grow. Instead he is protecting himself from you. This may be shocking to hear. The last thing you want is for your child to feel as if she has to protect herself from you! In many parental situations when you scold, threaten or shame your child, you aren’t even thinking about anything other than trying to get your child to do what you want her to do. But your mindless behavior is perceived differently by your child. On a cellular level your child believes he must be in protection. He may comply with your request, but he has learned nothing. His mind is not in a state to learn, grow and change. His mind simply goes into protection. With this new information perhaps you are less surprised that you must repeat the same correction, or threat, or punishment, over and over again. Your child’s brain is not in a learning state of mind.
What’s the solution? Stop doing the kinds of things that your child perceives as threatening. Make a simple request for what you want your child to do, rather than attempting to get your child stop doing what you don’t want. “Sit please.” Use your inside voice please.” “Hold my hand and walk with me please.” Can you see how each of these requests keeps a child in an open position for growth and learning rather than “No standing.” “Quite shouting and screaming.” “No running.” It is equally important to use a neutral, calm, friendly tone of voice. How you speak to your child is as important as what you say. Remaining calm, friendly and engaged with your child, even during nonverbal times keeps both of you in an open and growth state, rather than needing to retreat into a state of protection.
Now you are your child are ready to face any challenge you encounter at the grocery store and beyond.

How To Remain Calm With An Agitated Customer

A day in the life of a business person can be filled with joy and satisfaction or it can be frustrating and stressful. When things go wrong, some people lose control. Holding emotions in check and reacting professionally under fire are not always easy. It is particularly difficult to be nice to people who are not being nice to you.

So what do you do to keep your cool when the customer is chewing you out? Most of the time, it is not even your fault. It could be that the problem was with a product or a service delivered by someone else in your organization. You’re getting the blame because the unhappy person found you first, and it’s not pleasant. When faced with angry people, there are four key steps that will help diffuse the situation.

Step one is to apologize. “But,” you say, “it’s not my fault.” It doesn’t matter who’s to blame; apologize anyway. As a representative of your company you have a responsibility to see that things go well. Your willingness to be accountable will have a positive effect. After all, it takes two to have an argument. If one of you refuses to be disagreeable you can’t have a disagreement. You are not accepting blame-you are simply saying, “I’m sorry about the problem.” You are wasting your breath unless you apologize with complete sincerity so be sure that your tone of voice matches your words.

Step two is to sympathize with the irate customer. Let the person know that you can identify with his feelings. Say that you understand the frustration of receiving a faulty product or poor service. The angry person begins to feel better as soon as his reaction is validated.

Step three is to accept responsibility for the situation. Be accountable to the customer. Let him know that you intend to do whatever it takes to make things right. You can’t help what has already happened, but you will come up with a solution to the problem or you will find someone who can.

The last step is to take action. Decide what you can do and tell the customer. You will replace the defective or incorrect product as quickly as possible. If the issue was poor service deliver better service. Whenever you can offer a bonus of some sort or waive fees, the tiger before you is transformed into a pussycat.

Use the acronym “ASAP” to remember these four steps for calming upset customers. Each letter stands for part of the process.

A is “apologize.”
S represents “sympathize.”
A stands for “accept responsibility.”
P means “prepare to take action.”

Nothing will be solved by becoming argumentative and reactionary. Instead, diffuse the client’s anger by being apologetic and sympathetic and focus on positive steps that will resolve the situation. Before you know it, your adversaries will become your allies.

Oh yes, remember to smile. It will make everyone feel better and behave better.