Pnc Bank Online Banking

The PNC Bank Online Banking service is offered by PNC Bank to its customers and account holders. This service enables the bank’s clients:

To access their accounts from any where in the world.
Perform various functions over the net itself, saving on time.

Features of PNC Bank Online Banking
PNC Bank Online Banking service is available for the bank’s customers free of cost. Following are the distinctive features of this service:

Account Summary: You can remain in touch with your finances by obtaining a summary of your PNC personal, business and investment accounts through this service.
Account Activity: You can access your accounts round the clock. You can check balances, review recent transactions and view images of the checks you have submitted.
Online Bill Pay: You can save time and money by paying your bills through this service. Online bill payment requires just a few minutes of your time, with you using just one simple screen to place your instructions. This service gives you the flexibility to decide how much you want to pay for each bill.
Online Statements: You can contribute on saving paper. You can use the PNC Bank Online Banking service to receive and view your statements online. You can also print or download statements for up to last 36 months.
Transfer Funds: Through this service, you can move your money to where you need it. You can either transfer funds between your PNC Bank accounts or between your PNC account and your accounts at other financial institutions.
AutoAlerts: You can use this facility to remain informed about every critical event related to your accounts and bills. This service can send you e-mail notifications to alert you about key account activity such as low balances, the arrival of direct deposits or overdrafts on your account.
Data Export: This facility in the PNC Bank Online Banking service enables you to download account activity in Excel, Microsoft Money or Quicken file formats in just a few clicks.

Philips Saeco Syntia Review – Is It Worth Buying?

Brief Overview Of The Saeco Syntia Espresso Machine

If you are looking for an espresso machine, but have a concern in terms of the amount of space it will take up, you may want to consider this Saeco Syntia espresso machine Measuring just 16.5 x 10 x 12.5 inches, this particular espresso machine should be able to fit nicely into any kitchen.

Despite the fact that this espresso machine is rather compact (as compared to many others in the market place), the Saeco Syntia has all the features one would need And that includes a 250g capacity coffee bean hopper, a 1.2 liter water tank, as well as a simple to use 4 button interface, along with a wide LCD display and easy to understand digital icons makes the job of making a cup of freshly brewed espresso a tremendously easy task.

On top of that, this particular Saeco espresso machine also features a rapid steam technology, which helps to significantly reduce the time it takes to go from coffee brewing to steam output to just a mere few seconds, allowing you to make your cup of espresso quicker!

Key Benefits Of This Saeco Syntia Espresso Machine

The following are some of the key benefits that you will be able to enjoy with this particular Saeco Syntia espresso machine:

1. Self-Cleaning Feature, Allowing You To Save Lots Of Time In Routine Cleaning

As we all know, in order for an espresso machine to always be able to brew us the most perfect cup of coffee, we need to carry out some routine cleaning on some components in the machine every now and then.

However, in this Saeco Syntia, there is a self-cleaning feature made available. which will automatically initiate a very quick and efficient self-cleaning process when it detects that the machine hasn’t been used for quite awhile. This feature greatly saves your time in having to dismantle the components, and manually cleaning it.

2. You Can Make More Than Just Espresso With This Machine

Besides espresso, this machine is also capable of making you a perfect cup of cappuccino, as well as latte.

3. Making Your Favorite Drink Just Got Easier

Another very important feature worth mentioning is the Memo option, which allows you to save the settings for your favorite drinks. With this feature, all you need to do in order to make your favorite drink is just a click on a button (after you have saved the settings).

Customers’ Critiques About The Saeco Syntia Espresso Machine

Customers who have bought and used the Saeco Syntia espresso machine have given this product their huge thumbs up (This espresso machine has been given a full 5 star rating by the customers on

Many of them said that the machine works very quickly in making them their favorite coffee. Plus, in terms of quality wise (of their coffee), they have said that the standard of coffee made by this machine has been very consistent.

Also, in terms of setting up the entire espresso machine, many have found it to be a breeze, and they also like the fact that it is very easy to clean up and maintain.

However, one downside is that, due to the fact that this machine is comparatively smaller in size (as compared to other espresso machines), it is unable to hold a massive quantity of beans (as such, you will need to top up every now and then). Also, the water tank needs to be refilled after every 5 to 8 cups of coffees.

Our Final Verdict

All in all, we found this Saeco Syntia espresso machine perfect for those who have space constraints at home. This machine is relatively compact in size and will definitely fit most kitchen.

Not forgetting the fact that it also has many useful features The most eye-catching feature is the fact that it will automatically initiate a self-cleaning feature when it detects that it has been quite awhile since the machine was last used really would save one lots of time in manually dismantling and cleaning up the components within the machine itself.

Also, in terms of customers’ feedback, a huge majority of them were hugely satisfied with it.

As such, we feel that the Saeco Syntia espresso machine is definitely one that you can seriously consider getting, especially if you love drinking freshly-brewed coffee.

Panama Banks Are The Most Secret in the World

Panama was once listed as a “non cooperative tax haven” but the tiny country has worked hard to shed itself of that outcast image. If you are interested in a Panama financial institution, you should educate yourself about the policies, processes, risks and features involved in doing business with a Panama financial institution.

Panama has recently tightened its anti-money laundering laws and has created a banking system that is extremely private and highly competitive, but it is monitored well by the international offshore banking community. Doing business with a bank in Panama is generally hassle free. You can rest assured that your assets are being managed in a reputable and safe banking jurisdiction.

Before the major reforms of the mid 1990s, Panama was home to over 150 offshore banks, but that number has been trimmed to around 80 banks. The remaining banks must adhere to strict banking and privacy regulations while at the same time ensuring that illegal activities are not allowed to happen.

Banks in Panama have many advantages over banks in other offshore jurisdictions. The only type of monies that are taxable in the Republic of Panama are those that are generated outside of the country. If you choose to incorporate your business in Panama, but you decide to conduct your business elsewhere, you can deposit all of your assets and earning into your Panama bank without being responsible for paying local taxes on your money.

Panama banks offer many banking services for the banking client that requires a number of different options for their business. There are three types of accounts that you can get at a Panama bank including; merchant accounts, personal accounts and business accounts.

Non-resident Panama bank customers can have Internet account access set up by the bank’s management in order to access any necessary account information and in order to transfer funds to and from your Panama bank. It is also easy to apply for and receive a debit, ATM or credit card from a Panama bank to make access to your money even easier.

The majority of banks in Panama require that their potential customers have an initial minimum deposit which can be as low as $1000 USD. Many banks also require that each account must maintain a minimum balance in order to avoid costly fees.

If you decide that a Panama bank is for you, you are able to choose many options. You can open a personal account or you can takes steps to incorporate an IBC or an offshore company. Be prepared to show your personal information and verify your identity by providing a notarized copy of your passport, reference letters and a drivers license or equivalent photo id.

Only you can decide if opening one of the many available accounts at a Panama bank is for you, but you can rest assured that Panama is no longer the place for shady business dealings. The Panama bank system has been cleaned up and offers savvy customers the opportunity to keep their money in a safe account while watching it grow with little tax burden.

Mac Balanced Scorecard Solution

The MAC balanced scorecard solution defines the mission, goals, perspectives and objectives of a business. It is used to drive the balanced scorecard to develop the individual employer scorecard needed to base out the business plans. At least with these tools, the freeware shareware can easily adjust alongside the extremely adaptable and traditional layers of the objectives and measures that are ensured to suit any planning style of the business.

The software can also be used to assess the management as well as the projects. When done, the business must be used to cross-reference the section along with the drill down. This is to check the validity of the business plan. The balanced scorecard dashboard is also cross-referenced to the section to check the validity of the business plan. The XML export and import allows the easy movement of the business plans between the users.

The balanced scorecard dashboard can easily update the relevant data for the strategy balanced map scorecard needed to publish the pad files. More information are generated slightly. This is of course used when the product is outdated. Once confirmed, then all the information is used to relay this one by one. The more information provided, the slightly outdated these are. The MAC balanced scorecard solution then adjusts the information in such a way that they are allowed the liberty to determine which one is the freeware shareware and which ones are coordinated to the MAC balanced scorecard solution as connected to the serial number and registration code, alongside the key generators. When purchased legally, the user can then prevent the future development of balanced scorecard problems.

The balanced scorecard dashboard allows the user to learn, and not just train. This means that the mentors as well as the tutors that operate this tool in the organization can definitely relay what they want to express to their co-workers just by using the MAC balanced scorecard solution. With the balanced scorecard dashboard, the freeware shareware results to the ease of communication and makes it possible then to relay the possible.

With the freeware shareware, it is easy to come up with the MAC balanced scorecard solution that relies solely in the metrics business. In that way, the perspective can just comply with the running around of the business. The products and services are the customer requirements of the MAC balanced scorecard dashboard in a businessman perspective. From the customer perspective, it has an increasing realization of the importance of customer focus and customer satisfaction. This is very relevant to achieve the satisfaction of the customers with the business.

Finally, the MAC balanced scorecard solution can also apply the increasing realization that the customers must analyze the terms of the customers as well as the processes that are required to provide the products as well as the services that the consumers are looking for. Financially, both the business and the consumers see eye to eye in the sense that they have enough to handle what should be processed as the financial data.

Key Marketing Indicators And Tracking Your Marketing Strategy

A great way to look at your key marketing indicators to understand whether your marketing strategy is working or not is to look at your sales revenue in relation to your key marketing indicators listed below. If your sales are up-it is working. If your sales are down-it is not.

However, this is not enough. Sales revenue alone gives you no feeling for your marketing dynamics and provides no way to focus on the key elements of your marketing operation. Try creating a marketing funnel by looking at the following starting at the top and working your way down the funnel:

1. The size of your market as a whole.
2. What part of the market you cover with your marketing activities.
3. How much of your market coverage can be converted into interested potential buying customers?
4. Measure how many of those potential buying customers actually convert into customers.

This funnel narrows at each step of the process. You can quantify each level of the funnel with key marketing indicators and track how well your strategy is really working or not working and how to correct it.

The key marketing indicators are

Market Size: Your Target Market Population.
Market Growth: Target Market Changes
Market Potential: Business Available from your Target Market with a
Maximum Dollar Value
Market Coverage: Effective Marketing Activities that Reach Your Target
Lead Generation: Quantity of Motivated Potential Buying Customers and
% of Target Market
Lead Conversion: Quantity & % of Leads Converted to Sales
Market Share: Market Share of Business in Your Target Market
Average Sale: The Dollar Amount of Each Average Sale.

To be effective in your marketing strategy, you should measure this information monthly and be consistent in the measurement of this information. To do this more often, the information may be skewed in that there are too many daily variances to get a clear picture and understanding of the underlying dynamics of your market and business practices if you look at the information on a daily or weekly basis.

Monitoring the above information will tell you what is and what is not working in your marketing strategy. You will know if your market is growing or decreasing, in addition to how much business is out there for you and your competitors. You will know if your advertising and other integrated marketing communications are bringing in sufficient numbers of qualified leads for potential buying customers. You will also be able to determine if your market coverage needs to be increased or not and if your sales people are converting leads into customers effectively. You will understand the trends of your business and will be able to spot areas that need more attention than others.

Using this information will allow you to have a complete understanding of your competitive analysis that will give you a solid feel for ways to increase your share of the target market.

When compiling data for your market size, it should consist of the number of people in your target market who meet your demographic study discussed earlier. This information would be updated annually rather than monthly, as it is a demographic comprehensive study of your potential probable customer.

To gather the data for your market growth, consider the average frequency of purchase for your type of product or service. Unless you have great market research at the tips of your fingers, you will have to estimate this one based on your knowledge of your markets and common sense at the same time. In the exhibit industry, I would want to know how often my customer purchases an exhibit item and what they purchase to determine this demographic information.

The next step is gathering Market Potential based on the first three steps in looking at your marketing exposure. Does your marketing reach someone in your target market? If so, the potential buying customer is exposed to your marketing message. A great example is a direct mail piece that has been mailed to 5,000 people and you would have created 5,000 exposures if all the addresses were known and correct. If you do this twice a year, you would be creating 10,000 exposures. Additionally, if you run an advertisement in the local business paper or magazine that reaches 15,000 of your target market customer, then you have created a total of 20,000 total exposures by this time. If you continue to circulate 2,500 newspaper inserts per week for four weeks, then that would be another 10,000 exposures for a grand total of 30,000 exposures to your target market potential customers.

In generating leads, it can be done in many different ways for your company. A lead would be any person who has expressed interest in your business or its products and/or services by walking into your store or showroom, submitting an email, responding to your direct mail or viral marketing piece, making a telephone inquiry indicating interest in your product and/or service, or filling out a call to action form on your web site responding to a product and/or service inquiry. This person would be considered more than someone in your target market because they exhibited a motiivation to buy and an interest in your product. Leads are a process of someone having already begun to work their way through the Purchase Decision Buying Cycle and have made an expressed interest in working with your company.

When you convert these leads to sales, you have already most likely collected sales information by this time. For the purpose of tracking your marketing strategy, you will need the exact number of each sales transaction and the number of each lead generated to calculate your true lead conversion rate.

When compiling your sales dollar totals, you can find this on your business financial statements or in your sales reports in your accounting program. This information represents one type of marketing data most people can find fairly well.

Now that you have created your key marketing indicators, it is time to use metrics and evaluate this information to keep you informed of what your quantification efforts are and will give you accurate, objective and an ownership point of view of your business rather than the usual collection of random numbers with personal impressions most small business owners rely on. You will know what your business is doing and what to do about it. You will be able to constantly adapt to change by being in the know of your business strategies and using metrics for quantifying your data.

This is the last section of What is Marketing Strategy and Why is it Important? I hope you found each of the six components to your marketing strategy of value and will use this information to grow and strengthen your business by using metrics along the way.

What to include in a skill section for customer service

What to include in a skill section for customer service resume?

Customer service agent is the person assisting the clients and providing online help to the customers. These agents have to directly communicate with the client and solve their queries. Hence, this position needs a person with excellent communication skills. You may not know anything about the customer you need to handle, hence, you must possess excellent convincing ability to cool down the angry customer or handle any other tricky problems. If you are applying for such position, you need to refer the free customer service resume templates to draft your own CV. A perfectly written CV will easily get attention from recruiters and get you noticed.
Importance of Resume in Job Search
When you are looking for a job, you will have to write an application and send it to the company. This application must include all the details that you think can make you suitable for the particular job. Instead of including all the skills, qualifications and traits possessed by you, you can include only those details that are needed for the applied job position.
Employer will not know you personally and resume is the only means by which they can decide your suitability for the job. If the information in the CV is not presented properly, you will be rejected and lose the opportunity.
Now you know the importance of writing a CV for getting a job; we will see the tips for presenting skills in the customer service resume.
Skills in Customer Service Resume
The customer service job demands strong communicative and problem solving skills. Linguistic skills are often important for customer service positions. Hence, in the language section, mention all the languages you speak or write.
The skills section should focus on the skills that can help you in handling the customer problems and working efficiently under stress. Stress management is another important skill necessary for the customer service jobs as you will be handling irate clients. Following is the list of some important skills that should be included in customer service CV:
• Written and verbal communication
• Interpersonal skill
• Problem solving ability
• Decision making ability
• Effective listener
• Stress management
• Organizational and management skills
• Team work
• Strategic thinking
Listing of skills depends on the format you choose for presenting your details. If you are using a chronological format for your customer service resume, you can use the bulleted points to list your job skills. But if you are using a functional format, you have to provide description of each of the job skill and explain to the employer how each of these skills can prove helpful to you in your prospective work. Skills is the most important section for customer service CV. Employer will view this section when short listing the CV for this position. As this is a skill based job, this section should be given key importance when writing your job application.
This section has to be listed just after the career objective statement in your CV. Skills in your CV will make an impact on the employer so that he may call you for the personal interview to know more about your qualifications and accomplishments.

The Value of Good Customer Service

One of the biggest challenges facing any business is keeping in balance. In many businesses, more emphasis is put on getting new business than serving existing clients. Next to sales functions, customer service functions are vital to overall success and must be given appropriate emphasis. Poor customer service will cost a company as much business as will having a poor sales person in the field. Both can damage a company’s reputation and potential for future growth.
When businesses don’t properly serve the customers sales people bring in and the clients go elsewhere, businesses sometimes assume they weren’t good sales in the first place. That is not often the case. Where do customers go who don’t stay with your business once they’ve made a single purchase?
Many simply buy from someone else. Amazingly, a large number of sales people who don’t make the sale assume that most potential customers never made a purchasing decision at all. The sad truth is that because of this belief, they do not institute a proper follow-up sequence! If they would have followed-up, they would have discovered that the prospective client most likely bought from someone else. They either found a product or service that they liked better or a more persuasive sales professional.
I have a philosophy to share with you. Please commit to this statement: “If I am a pro, they will buy from me unless they go out of business, or die.” Commit to yourself that you are going to be so professional that they are going to invest their money with you unless they are no longer in business or the decision-maker passes on to his or her heavenly reward. That may sound extreme, but that’s the way you have to feel if you want to get the business every time.
Another thing that happens to people who don’t do business with you is that the contact person or purchasing agent is replaced. In many businesses, purchasing agents change quite frequently. Every time there’s a new person charged with making the buying decisions, you need to start over with gaining his or her confidence and continued business. That’s why it is important to keep watching every business in your territory for changes in decision-makers. When they change in a company whose business you don’t already have, you can start fresh in your attempts to get their business. Remember, even if the competition serves them now, that sales person will be waging the same battle you are to win continued business.
The third reason people don’t do business with you is that you have lost them to the competition. I hope you will be mature enough to say, “If I lost the business, I got beat because of skill and talent. I’m going to increase my skill level so it won’t happen again.”
There will always be those clients that you simply cannot please. I’ve had clients and customers I’ve given so much service to and I know I earned the business, but for one reason or another I didn’t close. I used to blame everyone else for these failures. However, the more I look at selling, the more I realize that if you lose to the competition, it’s usually because they outperformed you. That’s when you need to set a goal to get better at this game of selling.
The last reason customers don’t buy from you is you because they no longer use your type of product. If they have literally changed their way of doing business and your company doesn’t have a product to satisfy the needs, you’re going to lose the business. Accept it gracefully and move on to someone else you can serve. Your attitude at a time like that can earn you future business should their needs change.

The Anti-Scam GoGo Dropship

“Beware of Scam” is wallpapered all over the online world for a reason. Most people don’t make this stuff up; they really did get jilted by customers or dropship companies. That’s why I’m writing this article; I don’t want you to fall prey to the scams put out there by dropship companies as countless others have.

Sometimes It’s hard to find even one in many dropship companies that will go to bat for you; most dropship companies are only interested in the bottom dollar and not in your success rate. These are the companies who have a low success rate themselves. They take your money as part of an initial fee and then leave you to the dogs to fend for yourself and attempt to make a go of things all on your own. Please do not let this happen to you.

So you may be asking, “how do I tell if my dropshipping directory is truly taking interest in my situation”? I’ll give you a few things to watch for so you can pinpoint a good directory, with lots of legitimate dropship companies, when you see one. I would assume that a great dropship directory company would have, at the very least, great customer service, some kind of research team to back you up and find additional dropship companies for you, and trained professionals standing by to assist you with technical difficulties.

You may think that these qualities would be very difficult to find in any dropship companies but that’s simply not true. I’ve been around a lot of people lately who seem to be under the impression that a business will not stay in business and won’t make money if they are not involved in some kind of shady behavior. Call me naive, but I really feel like they are wrong. I know that there is at least one honest dropship directory out there and that the employees of that dropship directory company are standing by to assist their customers in any way possible.

I know that it’s hard to take my word for it, but please believe me. Since I first came across Gogo Dropship I’ve realized how amazing their customer service is. They’re not interested in ripping people off at all. I would like to go up to my friends and let them know that, yes, I have found a company that still believes in the value of customer service as a responsibility.

I would encourage all of you to do your research and watch carefully for the three things I mentioned earlier: great customer service, a research team, and trained professionals standing by to assist you with your technical needs. Don’t settle for anything less and don’t fall prey to the scammer dropship companies. You’re buying the directory, you should automatically be entitled to any revisions made to the directory you have purchased.

Okay, one last plea; please do not sign up for a dropship directory that does not have your best interests in mind no matter how cheap it is. Cheap directories mean cheap service and less dropship companies, in my opinion.

Removing Amazon Buyer Negative Feedback

If you are an Seller (FBA or Merchant) with negative feedback from an Amazon buyer, you have a couple choices:

1. Ask Amazon to remove the negative feedback. However, Amazon can remove the feedback IF and ONLY IF:

> The buyer includes ‘profane or obscene’ language in his/her comments and/or

> The buyer includes personal information of you or anyone else: an email address, a name, telephone #, etc., and/or

The ENTIRE buyers feedback is a product review.

For FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon) orders ONLY: The ENTIRE feedback is regarding fulfillment or customer service for an FBA Amazon order. Amazon states “Feedback reviewed and determined to be relating explicitly to fulfillment and customer service for an order fulfilled by Amazon will not be removed, but a line will appear through the rating and the statement, “This item was fulfilled by Amazon, and we take responsibility for this fulfillment experience” will be added.” (For more on the eligibility of getting feedback removed from an FBA item, see’s official FBA information pages.)

When you log in to your Amazon Seller account, contact Amazon Seller Support to request a feedback removal (remember to be VERY polite in your message to Amazon!).

OR, Instead of Contacting Amazon, you can:

2. Ask the Customer to remove the feedback. Here’s how:

a.) Go to: Your Seller Account > Click on “View your Ratings and Feedback” > Click on ‘View All Your Feedback’

b.) find the negative feedback, and then click on the ‘Rater’s’ name associated with that feedback.

When you click on the Rater’s name, an online form will appear.

c.) In the ‘Select a Subject’ dropdown, select “Feedback Request” and send the buyer a polite request to remove the feedback.

IMPORTANT: Amazon policy PROHIBITS you (the seller) from including in your message to the customer/buyer: any website link, any logo, any promotional message. Amazon can cancel your account if they catch you doing any of that! When you’re sending the email to the customer this way, it goes through Amazon’s email servers and system BEFORE it gets to the customer, so they have the right to intercept and read your email if they wish.)

Key factors for good customer service

There are several important factors that govern the success of your business, one of which is good customer service. The ultimate goal of providing a quality customer service is to enhance your customer satisfaction. This is especially true if your business is associated with a service, instead of just a product. Client service should always be the highest priority if you’re in a service industry.
The latest trend in customer service is to offer customers with feedback loops, a method in which your company can obtain immediate feedback. While promotions and special offers can draw in customers, it is only through good customer service that you will be able to retain them and achieve customer return.
Building healthy customer relationships is the very definition of good customer service. You have to earn their trust and cater to both their needs and expectations, if you want to ensure customer return. Giving your words isn’t just enough, as they want to see real actions. It is your responsibility live up to your words and promises. These are the keys to a good quality customer service.
One essential component of good customer service practices is to listen to your customers. This includes listening and really understanding their requirements, expectations, and complaints. Listen carefully to your customer needs and any possible change in the requirements. One way to ensure that you will listen attentively is to trust your customers. Once you offer your service, see to it that you heed to their complaints and find the solutions quickly.
Offer Suggestions Politely
Your customers are your most valuable asset. When you act rude or disrespect their opinions, you may as well kiss your business goodbye. Take responsibility of a fault, if any, and offer the best solution to mend it. Never lose your cool or get angry with a customer either.
Keep Your Promises
Don’t promise your customers anything that you don’t intend to keep, as that’s simply not a good customer practice. Keeping your promises give the signals that you are reliable and can be trusted Hence, only make promises that you
can keep. Do not disappoint your customers when you can’t make good of what you had promised, it will only break their hearts and drive them away from your business.

Go the Extra Miles
Money is important, but it’s not advisable to only look at monetary gain when trying to build a business. When your goal is to make as much money as possible, while ignoring the needs of your customers, it will jeopardise the
success of your business. Make sure you go the extra miles in caring for your customers. That extra step you take may not be profitable, but it will no doubt result in a long-term relationship. When you please your customers, you’re bound to get more respects and business from your customers.
Develop an Efficient Team
It goes without saying that achieving good customer service will not be possible when there’s no effective customer service team behind it. An effective customer service team can be defined as those who are well-trained and well-motivated.
This can be done by training the customer service executives to be courteous and act politely with the customers, as well as training them to be quick in handling customer complaints. Motivate the team by offering a good career path